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Welcome to Snake River Tiny Home’s virtual tours! In these videos, you’ll discover not just the physical beauty of our homes but also the passion and dedication that go into every detail. Whether you’re dreaming of your own tiny home adventure or simply curious about the craftsmanship, our videos will help in your visual journey.

The SI Aspen park model tiny home is one of the best constructed tiny homes in the industry with central heating and air conditioning and extra insulation and snow load capacity. The Tumbleweed Elm and Roanoke models are from the oldest tiny home manufacturer in the United States and have been featured on HGTV. The Ark Atlantic is a luxury container home. We hope you will enjoy watching. For more information give us a call at (208) 244-5204 or email [email protected].

SI Aspen
Virtual Tour

Tumbleweed Elm
Virtual Tour

Tumbleweed Roanoke Virtual Tour

Ark Atlantic
Virtual Tour

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