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Snake River Tiny Homes can help investors and land developers obtain a reliable revenue stream by purchasing a tiny home for use as a vacation rental property. Tiny houses offer terrific Airbnb investment opportunities because they are an affordable, turn-key income producing asset.

Interested in partnering with Snake River Tiny Homes for a development project? We’re always open to exploring new ideas that can benefit people interested in buying tiny homes.

Tiny Away, a small group of investors in Australia, now own 75 tiny house vacation rentals and are earning about $156,000 monthly in real revenue from their Airbnb type business. They began their tiny house vacation rental business with no experience and have built a thriving company.

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With traditional real estate prices skyrocketing across the country, now is an excellent time to buy a tiny home for Airbnb purposes. Let Snake River Tiny Homes help you start your next business venture.