Snake River Tiny Homes can help investors and land developers obtain a reliable revenue stream by purchasing a tiny home for use as a vacation rental property. Tiny houses offer terrific Airbnb investment opportunities because they are an affordable, turn-key income producing asset.

Interested in partnering with Snake River Tiny Homes for a development project? We’re always open to exploring new ideas that can benefit people interested in buying tiny homes.

Tiny Away, a small group of investors in Australia, now own 75 tiny house vacation rentals and are earning about $156,000 monthly in real revenue from their Airbnb type business. They began their tiny house vacation rental business with no experience and have built a thriving company.

“The tiny house movement was a trend that started in the US quite some time back. It initially started because some could not afford the hefty monthly mortgages associated with traditional real estate. But as time went by, the movement evolved beyond financial considerations and moved more into becoming an eco-conscious way of living. And it was this trend that is sweeping across the globe right now.”

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With traditional real estate prices skyrocketing across the country, now is an excellent time to buy a tiny home for Airbnb purposes. Let Snake River Tiny Homes help you start your next business venture.